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Battle Born K9 was created by Police Service Dog handler's & trainers who recognized a need for enhanced training in the working dog community. Through training and real world deployments Battle Born K9 began to re-think the way training is currently thought of and conducted here in the US.

We began to re-develop our training programs with an emphasis on training dogs in drive and allowing dogs to be trained the way they want to learn. We have developed methods and philosophies for dog training not currently used anywhere else in the US which has enabled us to enhance all aspects of our patrol and detection training.

We have found that training dogs with these methods is much more efficient as the dog will learn more quickly and enhance his desire and ability to do his job...Search!


The class was fantactic! Very well organized with extreme knowledge of the job! I am very happy with what my dog is doing and the technique is easy to continue on with after the class is over. All of the officers attending the class will be better at handling since having this training. Thank you guys for coming to Hancock County WV!

~Scott Little, Hancock County


The instructors worked together great and effective and made themselves available for one-on-one instruction. I saw significatn improvement in my dog's searching and my ability to read my dog's behavior. I look forward to an advanced class!

~Sgt. Chuck Stanley, Hancock County


Very good training. Learned a different way of trainin my dog which will increase my finds on the street!

~Chris Davis, St. Clair


I learned a lot in the Enhanced Hunt school. Really enjoyed the low stress training environment. The instructors were very knowledgeable. I already can see a big difference in my dogs search behavior.

~Chad Tatgenhorst, E. Liverpool OH


I really enjoyed watching how fast all the dogs were able to catch on so quickly. The class was interesteing and moved along well without lots of downtime. I look forward to attending another seminar in the future.

~Brennan Bish, Weirton PD


Thank you for all the help. My dog has made major improvements over the last three days. The information was clear and easy to understand.

                                                                                  ~Darin Manum, Norman PD


Great class and info. I highly recommend this class to others.

                                                                                  ~Neil Martin, Edmond PD


Thought the course was great. Would not change anything. Enjoyed all the hands on work and one on one time with the instructors.

                                                                              ~Christopher Brugh, Yukon PD


Great training overall. I can already see a difference with the searching abilities of my dog.

                                                                        ~Todd Bussell, Oklahoma County


Great school! I thought the school was instructed and organized very well.

                                                                        ~M. Woodard, Norman Oklahoma

Excellent school! Made my dog focus on the hunt and not the reward. Noticeable change in my dog from day 1 to day 4. Instructors very knowledgeable on dogs and handlers. Thanks for the school and making me and my dog better.

                                                              ~Cody McDaniel, Oklahoma County


Great training! Improved my dogs search within 4 days. Also helped me to become a better handler.

                                                                          ~Ryan Dean, Oklahoma County


I enjoyed the school. I feel like my K9 showed a noticeable change for the better. This school helped slow down & focus his searches. Excellent school!

                                                                          ~Frank Walsh, OCPD-C.O.M.I.T.


Outstanding class! I have been in the K9 industry going on 13 years & found this to be some of the best training I've attended.

                                                            ~Cody Palmer, Canadian County            


The course really opened my eyes to a different perspective on training. The instructors were able to clearly communicate the ideas and made learning very easy. They proved we would be able to work our dogs with the toy hanging over their heads by the end of the week. The trainers were able to show us that our dogs could find odors at a very low threshhold.

                                                                                     ~TSA K9 Handler, LAX

I would rate this Battle Born K9 seminar a 9.5 out of 10! The classroom portion was very educational and perfectly timed. The Enhanced Hunt training is something I now believe in. The instructors were very good with communication. The training scenarios were great, very informative! I would highly recommend Battle Born K9 to anyone!

                                                                                   ~TSA K9 Handler, LAX 

I really enjoyed the overall concepts & principles presented in a logical manner with consistency between trainers. Very solid message between trainers. Great explanation and demonstration on proofing. Instructors have real dedication to dog training. Great information on explosives, their make up and real life scenarios.

                                                                                  ~TSA K9 Handler, LAX

Having gone to various training courses and seminars, this course was very, very impressive! It was filled with a ton of great knowledge and information. Having plenty of trainers was helpful. Students had  great one on one conversations and learning oppurtunities. GREAT COURSE! 

                                                                                 ~TSA K9 Handler, LAX

Great class, with a nice balance between classroom and field work. I will suggest to my TSA counterparts across the nation that they look into scheduling training with you. I appreciate the passion that you all have for dog training. This has been a very productive week!

                                                                                ~TSA K9 Hanlder, LAX

First day back to work, three hours into my shift, I got 1/4 lb of meth on a traffic stop.  I wouldn't have found it without the Battle Born K9 training on board with my dog and his newly acquired enhanced hunting skills. Thanks again!

                                    ~Jesse Gurkovic, San Mateo Co. Sheriff's Office, CA


I have been a police K-9 handler for over 10 years and have attended numerous K-9 seminars, trainings and conferences. The training in Enhanced Search Behavior has been the best detection training I have recieved. My dual-purpose K-9 has improved greatly with his drug detection. The K-9 now searches more effeciently and effectively, and based upon the training my K-9 is more focused and his search pattern has noticeabley increased. I am even more confident that my K-9 will locate all drug finds during training and street deployments. 

~Marty Mahon, Police Corporal/K-9 Trainer, So. San Francisco PD, So. San Francisco, CA


This seminar was great! It enhanced my K-9 "Mac's" searching to another level. I recommend this class to all K-9 detection handlers.

~Officer Britt Elmore, San Francisco PD, DEA Task Force Officer, San Francisco, CA


Excellent training! The seminar greatly improved my ability as a handler and increased my K-9's focus and search intensity. I would recommend this training to all detection dog handlers.

~Moriah Mendenhall, Contraband Control Specialists, Bakersfield, CA


Thank you for the training. My dog "Grant" has improved his searching significantly. I am confident this training will significantly imporve his performance. Looking forward to the next class.

                                    ~Jesse Gurkovic, San Mateo Co. Sheriff's Office, CA


Very good training. Effective for both seasoned dogs & greener alike. My dog made great improvements over the past few days & training issues I have not been able to resolve previously were lessened if not entirely fixed. My dog's search behavior is more intense then had been & he seems more centered on his task than previously.

               ~Rebecca Rosenblatt, Millbrae Police Department, Millbrae, CA 


I have been a K-9 Handler for about 3 to 4 years. This has been the by far the best K-9 school I have ever attended. I normally do good to use about 5% of the material I get from from a K-9 school. I am going to use 100% I learned from this school.

I want to go to the patrol school these guys put on! The instructors are great! They are willing to talk to you and explain the reasons why they do the things they do. I am 100% sold on this class and look forward to learning more from them.

~Wes Henry, Cashion Police Department, Cashion, OK

I really enjoyed the training. The classroom seting, training sessions and instructors were well above what I expected. Thanks for hosting the training and I will be looking forward to future training opportunities.

~Don Wood, Altus Police Department, Altus, OK

Enhanced Search Behavior Training is Awesome! This training has made my dog a Searching Machine!!! Pay The Sniff!!!

~Trooper Darren Potter, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Special Operations

Enhanced Search: This class was very good. I have seen my dog change 100%. Thanks for putting this class on.

~Ronald Hammack, Perkins Police Department, Perkins, Oklahoma

Great class. It was very eye opening in my dogs behavior and ability to search. The instructors are very helpful in doing everything possible to make your dog succeed.

~Kevin Duran, Comanche County Sheriff's Office

This K9 school has been very informative and has also enhanced my knowledge about K9/dog behavior. In addition, the instructors were professional and knowledgeable about the information being taught.

Keep doing, what your doing Mark, Mel and Cord! Thank you again for the training you provided.

~Sr. Agent William Diaz, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics

I have been a police officer for 13 years and have been working interdiction for the last eight years. I have been a narcotics K-9 handler for the last four years. I travel across the U.S. Teaching for Desert Snow, HIDTA and CLEET and have been fortunate to have attended a lot of training. This class with the multiple instructors and format was one of the BEST K-9 classes I have been involved in. Thank you for helping Mick and I step up to a new level as a K-9 team.

~Michael Sellers, Oklahoma City Police Department, Oklahoma City, OK, C.O.M.I.T.

Enhanced Search Behavior-OUTSTANDING TRAINING!!! This search method is going to help my K9 be more efficient and a better hunter. This method will make life much easier working my K9.

~Jim Weedn, OK. CO. District Attorney, C.O.M.I.T.